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I don’t understand why Sakura haters love to say this

"Sakura never got hurt all she does is sit and cry and she was never stabbed or badly hurt"

"Sakura is a bitch she doesn’t care about others"

Um Sakura haters are we even reading the same manga? For those of you who only like to watch the anime Naruto are you haters blind?

Sakura would do anything to protect her friends and her loved ones

She got hurt so many times for protecting her friends or a random person

I wanted to show more pictures but Tumblr won’t let me. I wanted to show how nice Sakura is and just like everyone else she got hurt too but Sakura haters always ignore it

Sakura isn’t a bitch

Sakura is brave and strong

The amount of hate that Sakura is getting is so stupid

And yes the first picture pissed me off

Sakura haters love to say that she is a weak girl

But I am tired of hearing all the bad things about Sakura even though she does something useful and she improved a lot but haters never want to admit that how strong she has gotten over the years

I am proud of Sakura

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Put yo weapons down.


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more messy doodles! ot3 snuggles, ot3 babies and nardo bothering his cousin


me 11:59 September 30th


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7 billion people, 14 billion ass cheeks

Naruto Shippuden 378  - Hokages

H-Haru! Stop, You are wetting my notes!

Haru’s hand under the table* + neck kisses (x)


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